Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Application Lifecycle Management Webcast

Next week Paul Ashwood and Bradd Hipps will be giving a webcast over on, presenting a whitepaper and case study Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). There will be some interesting details on how testing can be integrated into the lifecycle for application development and delivery to production. If your company or testing organization includes XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX as part of the SDLC or Lifecycle processes, this might be very useful information and I'm sure Brad would love to hear some questions from you.

Here's the official abstract:

"Effective companies are riding the latest waves in application modernization. These waves touch nearly all of IT from technology and staffing to application architectures and release strategies.

HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions help your IT organization make the most of these trends and avoid being swamped in the process. ALM from HP is an integrated suite of leading solutions that enables your IT leaders to answer comprehensively the key questions business stakeholders have regarding application modernization.

You are cordially invited to view HPs unique perspective on what ALM is and how our solution renders better business outcomes. All attendees will receive our new white paper, “Redefining the application lifecycle: Looking beyond the application to align with business goals.”

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