Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Welcome to HPPerformanceCenter

Hello and welcome. I'm Stephen Feloney, the product manager for HP Performance Center.
You've been asking for it and so here it is.
This is a new blog focused on HP Performance Center (PC) and performance validation.

While my LoadRunner PM counterpart, Mark Tomlinson (http://loadrunnerathpdotcom.blogspot.com/) didn't want to give a quick rundown of who he is :), I thought I'd give a quick synopsis about myself.

I have been with Mercury/HP for almost 7 years (I know it amazes me also)! I started out in RnD (developer for 12 years) with Test Center, the predecessor to Performance Center. Then I moved to our Customer Oriented RnD (CORD) team where I worked with support, customers, and RnD to ensure problems around Performance Center got resolved. And now for the last one and a half years I've been product manager for HP Performance Center.

We will be talking performance testing with a flare towards the enterprise.
Centers of Excellence (CoE), global and 24x7 testing, and efficiently utilizing your testing assets are the types topics that will be discussed in future posts.

I would love to hear from you.
What you like about PC?
What problems are you having with it?
What types of testing are you doing?
What would you like to see in the product?
Where do you see performance validation moving in the future?
This is also an opportunity for you to help shape the future of performance validation. Your help and feedback is important. You can contact me at PerformanceCenter@hp.com

Thank you and once again welcome!

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